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My name's Rahman. I'm here to guide you on how to start online business in Nigeria.

Irrespective of your employment status, what you're going to learn in this post will show you how to start your own online business working from home.

If it's your wish to making money online, the first thing to do is to have an idea of what profitable business you want to do.

There are many easy online businesses you can start to complement your current job and boost your income.

So, in this guide, I'm going to show you how to start and succeed at whatever business you decide to do online.

Secondly, you need to know what basic steps are involved?

And these include:

  • How To Choose Profitable Online Business Ideas
  • How To Market Your Business Online
  • How To Start A Blog For Your Business
  • How To Make Your Business Visible To Your Target Customers
  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Before we begin to discuss any of these steps, let's briefly look at what online business is.

Read Trends and Prospects of Online Business in Nigeria

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Online Business?

In a Simple Definition
Learning Online Business
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Experts have different meanings for online business. One is doing a part or whole of your existing or new business online, which is otherwise known as e-business. Hence an online business is a business you do over a website or social media platform.

Sometimes, you don't need to have your own product or service before you can start online business. You can make a lot of money selling someone else's product or service on the internet with no or limited risks to worry about.

Everybody wants to follow this trend, because it has a benefit that goes beyond making money working from home. Regardless of whom you are, educated, employed, married, have kids, rich or not, you can start your own online business now.

The point is whether you have a regular source of income or not, online business will allow you to make money from different sources without one affecting the other.

You'll be more happy, satisfied and fulfilled with your life having a business you can do at the convenience of your room. You can do online business wherever you are - at work, home or abroad. Inasmuch as you have internet access, you can do it on the go!

It's a business you do to trade time and space for money. You don't need to rent an office space, or study much to begin. While you're at the bus stop, the little time you have can be used more profitably by investing it in your business.

Meanwhile, online business is good for all categories of people looking for a means to survive.

What I'm saying in essence is starting your online business will give you the opportunity to start a business with no or little capital. And if you're looking for easy online business to start, you're in the right place.

The logic is online business is quick and easy to start while it costs almost nothing.

You may not want to do just any business because of the fear of losing your money. That's true with brick-and-mortar business, but not with online business.

So, you can't go bankrupt starting your small business online.

I have been in the business and know what works. I made some mistakes when I was a beginner. And I would be glad to walk you through the approach that works for me so that you won't repeat the same mistakes I made.

Characteristics of Online Business

Why It's Good for You

Quick To Start

You don't need a rigorous training or much skill to start online business. You can simply start the moment you're ready without much resources.

Low Cost

Doing your business online gives you the chance to do a business with no or low cost on product design, business registration, renting an office or store.

Easy To Run

You determine what task to take, when to take it and how long it will take in order for you to have time for other things that matter to your life.

I don't wish you to use your entire life to serve people who give you mud taking gold from you.

If you want to be free and have quality time for yourself and family, online business comes with the following promises to turn that your dream into a reality:

Benefits of Online Business

While you give less, you get more

1. No New Experience is Required

To start online business, you don't need to quit your current job. While your online business serves as a side hustle business, your experience, skills and connections at your place of work can be an added advantage to grow your online business very fast. If you start now, the business might become an empire before you retire. Then, it will become a passive income.

2. Flexible Investment

You may not need capital to start online business. But if you can dedicate time and efforts, you'll definitely excel.

For example, you need no capital to be an influencer marketer, drop shipping entrepreneur or affiliate marketer.

You can make up to $100,000 per annum in any of these three businesses.

You can deal in any physical or virtual (digital) product without any cost. No need to spend thousands of money on renting a store or an office and no need to buy the products you want to sell.

In fact, the cost of shipping the products to your customers are taken care of by the company that owns the products. All these can be done at the convenience of your bedroom.

It will be tiresome to sit down all day at your computer desk, be on the internet and marketing your stuff. You only need a small time, and few marketing efforts to make whatever business you want to do more lucrative for yourself.

And when everything is set, you can shut down your system and go anywhere you want to go or do anything else you like to do. While your system is off, your business is ongoing and you're making your money passively.

3. No Real-Time Precence is Required

You can be in your room and be making your six-figure income. Your business is set without having an office or meeting with your customers face-to-face.

Wherever you are, your business is live inasmuch as you have network connection. Anyone in need of your product or service will definitely find you.

Online business takes advantage of the internet technology to market, promote, advertise, distribute and sell your product or service on the go!

4. It's a Passive Way To Make Money

Unlike stock market where you monitor the rise and fall of a currency against the other and have your heart beat so fast, you can do your online business at your pace. It's a business you do upfront and reap its profit when you're sleeping.

Let's say you're a farmer, your major work finishes immediately you bury a seed. The germination takes place without your effort. Your own is to plant (make efforts) on a good farmland (profitable niche), the seed will grow naturally. You'll smile if you return to your farm a few days later and see some beautiful leaves coming out of the soil.

That's exactly what online business is.

It's passive!

After efforts, success comes.

Your efforts include creating life changing products and services for people. Since that's the value people are looking for, your customers will be the one looking for you. And by so doing, your returns on investment (ROI) will continually increase.

Most experts say, online business is the easiest way for entrepreneurs to become their own boss.

Yes, that's true!

Starting your own online business doesn't have to be passing through hell! All you need to do is to adopt digital marketing strategies and monitor how your business grows.

3 Online
Business Models

Discover what's good for you

There’re three basic models for starting online business, and you have the liberty to opt for the one that fits your strength:

1. Sell a physical product online;
2. Sell a service online; and
3. Sell a digital information product.

Without prejudice, you can make a ton of fortune in any of the models you choose. What matters is your interest and strength.

For further study, find Small Online Business Ideas that fall under each model.

For Doing Online Business

What makes you qualify?

In fact, to start online business is so easy that you need no qualifications and no certificates. Although you'll meet some challenges on your way, which shouldn't be a barrier to test your strength and shape your success.

If you don't expect that, you can't succeed online.

While you're doing something for the first time, you take your time to familiarize yourself with the environment and know how it can work for you.

All it takes is the time to cultivate your farm, plant, weed, do some irrigation if necessary, and then harvest.

That's not the end, if your crops come out fine, you can just place them on the market and go to bed.

Good products will definitely attract prospects. You can be sleeping while your digits count.

Read how to start online business with no money.

Lies Others Tell
About Online Business

What Online Business Isn't

By now, you should've started thinking of what online business ideas to choose!

Or if you have one already and someone says “YOU CAN’T DO IT!” How would you feel?

You would be confused and discouraged!

Against this roadblock, it’s better we clear some common lies people tell about online business.

Some will tell you:

1. You Need a Lot of Startup Capital: If you aren’t another Bill Gate or Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll feel like, “man, online business is not for me!”.

Don't be discouraged, your level of finance is not a barrier. That doesn’t mean people don’t invest money in the business as much as they spend time and efforts. The point is you have no excuse not to do online business if you're not rich.

Every business requires different investment capacity. If you can't afford to spend much for now to promote your business using Google Ads, you have the privilege to use free marketing resources or tools like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to promote your business online.

Even when you need to outsource a task to an expert, you can do that based on your budget.

All this boils down to the fact that you need no much capital to start online business.

2. Making Money Online Is Not Possible: Most people that think online business is not profitable are those that quit after facing a few challenges.

Mind you, the war you don’t see till the end may seem to be an endless battle.

The truth they fail to admit is selling an ordinary popcorn at the cinema and make profit may seem to be impossible if you make no good marketing effort.

That suggests, if you want your online business to fulfill its promises, you've to be passionate about it.

If your prospects need some time before they can trust you, don’t be discouraged to wait and use the moment to prove your worth. Exercise more patience while you work harder to prove to them you are credible. That’s when you can make money online.

How To
Start Online Business in Nigeria and Succeed

Put What You Learn to Practice

This is our major bone on contention. So, you have a choice to make at the juncture.

1. You're not Interested: The truth is in every business, you can't plant maize and hope to harvest rice. You reap what you sow, they say.

If you've always done something in a particular way, the result can't be different until you try other ways. Don't forget, you won't be reading this line if not because you need to know how to start online business.

You're here on a purpose, why would you leave without accomplishing your aim?

So, You can try the next option.

2. Need to Read Further: There're millions of articles on the internet that discuss how to start online business in Nigeria.

Mine isn't the first or the last and it's also not the best you could lay your hands on. I'm just so lucky to have you here and I won't be happy to waste your time saying thrash!

There's a difference I make with my guide, which is to teach you the rudiments of how to start your own online business with no money.

See how I break down the topic in a very simple manner. This is to make sure you don't miss any point. But if you need to study further, please take your time to explore this website for more information.

3. Get Started Now: I congratulate you for making a wise and the right choice to launch your own online business into the market at last. I'll provide you with an easy-as-ABC or self-explanatory resource which will show you how easy getting started is.

You'll have your online business up and running via your website in less than a week.

All you have to do is to enroll for the course, which I call Beginner's Guide on How to Start Online Business in Nigeria.

The course is free! And only on this website you would find such a powerful resource without having to pay.

The course is a power-pack for beginners like you who don't have background knowledge of how to use the internet, website, social media and other related technology that trends in the industry for business.

Click here to enroll for your 5-Day Free Masterclass on How to Start Online Business in Nigeria!


I've got your own copy of the guide ready for you.

Did I hear you saying, no time to waste time? Yes! That's my watchword to trade time for money. You can take the course on your own and at your convenient time. It's not a live training. So, you don't need to be under any pressure!

But if you take the course as scheduled below, it'll enable me to monitor your progress, except you don't like us to do it together. You don't need to reject my assistance. It's an offer to make sure you succeed.

DAY ONE: Brand Launch. You'll learn what a successful brand is all about, how to create, register and host your own brand on the internet as a domain name, which will enable you to run your first ever WordPress website.

DAY TWO: WordPress Essentials. You'll learn how to install and set up your WordPress website, including choosing the best theme, plugins, and Google Analytics and search for monitoring your customers activities on your website.

DAY THREE: Front End Design. You'll learn how to customize your website and what important pages and categories to work with.

DAY FOUR: Social Media. You'll learn which of the social media platforms is suitable for your business and what are the most effective ways of using them for brand promotion?

DAY FIVE: How to Carve Your Niche. You'll learn how to choose a profitable niche for your online business and the most effective way of developing your business idea and target your prospective audience.

DAY SIX: Content Marketing (Bonus): You'll learn how to write and publish promotional content for your brand. I'll also introduce to you other various ways to market your business such as email marketing and social media marketing and lots more.

Online Business Essential #1

A Website or Blog

You need a website to start an online business.

Your website is what you'll use to showcase your business, find, target and connect with your prospective customers and business partners from any part of the world.

You have the option to create your website free or not. Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress.com and so on, offer free websites. But because they won't allow you to have full control over such a website, I discourage this option.

Other reasons why using a free website isn't ideal for business include:

1. Free Website Takes Extra Extension: If you opt for a free website, you're likely going to face the challenge of long domain name because the provider of that free offer will add its name to your domain name.

Meanwhile a long domain name can hinder your chances of getting traffic from Google. The url or domain name of a free website may look like http://starcity.blogger.com instead of http://starcity.com. The point is that the shorter your domain name, the better for your brand.

2. Limited Control: A free website is a sub domain to the provider of the free offer. Consequently you won't have full control to use the website as you like - difficult to tweak, brand, customize and monetize.

3. Free Website is Vulnerable: The third reason why I discourage using a free website for business is that if the service provider shuts down, your business is over. The service provider owes you no apology to whatever damages her decision brings upon your business.

Meanwhile, a good business website should be independent of any other company. Only in that way, you have full access and control over your investment. And such a website is the type you can call your own.

For help setting up your website, click the button below:


You need a very strong and reputable host to power your website.

There're series of hosts all over the internet that promise you great experience with them but which are not all genuine. But because you can't be testing them one after the other, it's good to allow professionals to recommend the best for you.

So, I recommend the BlueHost because that's what I use to power this website and the service has never given me a heart attack. BlueHost is very easy to use and it comes with powerful tools that can give you a great hosting experience. STARcity readers are given a discount rate at $2.75/month, an offer you can't find else where.

I Appreciate

Thank you for reading

I'm here to guide you on how to grow our businesses together.

Feel free to talk to me about your stories - worries, experiences, failure and achievements. The little I have said so far won't be possible without what other people like you have shared with me. I can learn new things from our discussions, which I'm sure you would like other people to learn one or few things from.

I'm always ready to listen to your calls or emails. Please, talk to me anytime. My intention is to turn you into a successful entrepreneur by showing you how to start online business from home and leverage the internet for small business ideas. In doing that, you can have a side hustle business that will fetch you additional income.

Thank you!

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