The Best Way To Get High Quality Backlinks

High Quality Backlinks
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It’s a pity your content is quality but has no high quality backlinks that can bring readers to it and spice your ranking juice.

I feel your pain if after your SEO efforts, you blog still can’t step up on Google.

You’ll end this now!


There’s a way you work with your competitors and you both still compete with yourselves or with a bigger competitor.

Though you’re accustomed with competing with other bloggers as backlinko method suggests.

You compete with your competitors when you use backlinko method to spy on them and find their loopholes which you can use to dent their reputation.

It works fine but involves a lot of processes and the method is tasking.

If there’s a better way to achieve the same result, you’ll only find it in this post.

So, here we go!

I have just discovered one thing that can help you earn or build high quality backlinks and blast your business outreach in less than an hour.

Nofollow and Selfish Bloggers

Avoid using nofollow and gaining backlinks from blogs that use nofollow attribute.

You can’t get high quality backlinks from blogs that enable nofollow attribute.

According to SemRush, linking to them is worthless.

The use of nofollow emerged in 2005. Search engines invented nofollow attribute to resist spammers who use comments to plant spam links in a website.

Subsequently, Google recommended that websites should enable nofollow anytime they had a paid or sponsored link ad for the search engine to identity websites that pay for links.

Reason was to avoid being penalized for paid link ads such as affiliate links. But subsequently, SEO experts discovered that adding nofollow attribute to a link was a bad SEO practice.

Since then, bloggers have been trying to avoid nofollow links in the SEO efforts to get high quality backlinks.

And that resulted to the death of paying for backlinks.

Ordinarily, when you get high quality backlinks, the benefit is mutual between you and the website that links back to you.

But if the other website uses nofollow attribute, it prevents you from sharing in the juice.

Coopetion and High Quality Backlinks

If your SEO score on external factors has always remained the same, the implication is that your ranking on the search engine result page (SERP) is significantly low.

How can you end this roadblocks?

You’ll find the answer in this post. All you have to do is to get more high quality backlinks pointing to your website.

You may ask further, where would you get high quality backlinks – how would you get other bloggers embedding your links on their blogs?

Then the answer is coopetition.


Coopetition is when two or more businesses in the same industry compete and cooperate to increase their market shares and establish new business relationships.

You can end your backlinks challenges and begin to boost your ranking on the SERP by exchanging relevant links with your competitors instead of competing with them.

When you just started a business, you need more of cooperation or synergy. It gives you the chance to network with other players in your industry and improve your popularity.

Coopetition is simple. Just look for other businesses you can both be your brothers keepers and start exchanging your links.

Benefits of Coopetition

For clarity, let’s say you and I are in the same industry, I can approach you for high quality backlinks.

And if we both exchange our links on the platform of coopetition, we both share the following benefits:

  1. We won’t be paying for links building;
  2. You gain authority and I gain authority;
  3. You gain exposure and I gain traffic or exposure; and
  4. You and I can join forces to take down bigger competitors that resist us with their arbitrary use of nofollow attribute.

How Coopetion Help Gain High Quality Backlink

How it works?

Don’t forget backlinks are otherwise known as inbound links, which are the links that point to your blog from another website or blog.

Sometimes a link to your website from another website can boost your rank or damage it, depending on the quality or relevance of the website that points to you.

The quality here means that the blog pointing to your blog must be relevant to yours.

Let’s say you have a post on “social media marketing”, you’ll get the juice if you link to a post that is also talking about “social media marketing” or a very related topic.

Assuming your post url is, all you have to do is to embed the link in the other post that’s also talking about “social media marketing”.

You can equally get high quality backlinks to your blog when you do guest blogging.

Read more on how guest blogging can facilitate your coopetition with your competitors. It allows you to create content on other people’s websites and embed your links there.

Consequently, your ranking on the SERP increases the more you repeat this effort.


If you want your website to become popular, there’re hundreds of SEO efforts you need to make. The key effort is building high quality backlinks or inbound links for your blog.

Backlink is an external factor which has a lot of weight on the success of your business on the internet. No matter how optimized your blog is, you’ll get more good results with more high quality backlinks.

The only major SEO effort that can boost your popularity, or exposure or traffic is the amount of external links that point to your website.

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  1. It’s an awesome article. But how can I get that quality do follow backlinks that is valuable for my blog. What approach should I use, should I ask other bloggers to link to my article?

    • Yes, you approach them.
      But you can’t just approach them just like that. Otherwise they will turn you down. Reason is that many people still believe backlinks exchange is a taboo, if they do their traffic or position will drop! Fear Google plant in their minds. You can exchange links with anybody so far the website is a quality website. So to avoid being turned down, you have to first establish relationships with people in your category. Let them know first they can trust you, then you can now ask for exchange. Today, I still got three new backlinks from three reputable websites out of our existing relationship. That is how it works.
      thanks for asking.

  2. Yes, backlinks boost rankings. But, getting quality backlinks is NOT that easy.
    Can you provide an article on how to build quality backlinks(DoFollow). Also, mention about Follow and No follow links, and what is the advantages of them in detail.

    • Yes, why not? I will publish an article on how to build quality backlinks (DoFollow) and mention the advantages of Follow and No Follow links in details.


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