Welcome to STARcity


Showcasing #MadeInNigeria products and services and give small business owners the opportunity to gain new potential customers.


Teaching you how to start up an online passive business, market your product and service strategically and increase your ROI.


How It Works

Eye opening to New opportunity

We showcase small businesses and opportunities online for anyone looking for what to do to make passive income. Whether you have a job or not, you can find a side hustle that will fetch you extra money on STARcity just to make sure you don't run out of cash anytime.

Don't wait until you get a job before you can make cool money or have a reliable source of income. A real man must make things happen on his own like a boss. Don't feel too small to have your own business.

At least, you can start being a boss and stop running stupid errands for people who take gold from you and give you silver.

No employers can appreciate your worth, which is why you need to show them they're not better than you by having your own business and invest your best talent and skill in it.

Even if you're well paid at your current job, the owner can remove you at anytime, because you can't be wanted forever at a business which isn't yours. Only a slave would be shacked to a job until death.

Against having no reliable source of income, we brought you here all the way to teach you ways to make money online and be financially buoyant.


What we teach

You don't need big money to start your own business. If you buy a bag of pure water at N100 and sell it at N150, you'll make N50 profit. That's a huge sum which most big stores can't make because of too much overheads.

So, if you're looking for a business, choose one among the dirty ones you avoid. They're highly profitable and less competitive, but most people don't know.


What you gain from us

STARcity was created to guide you on what sorts of business you can do, how to do it, what resources required to do it, what marketing strategies can promote the business to make sure it gets to the right customers?

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